PrePlay Academy

Activity Classes

Coaching Class


Class – IX to XII (Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology etc.)

Class – Nursery to VIII (ALL SUBJECTS)

We are providing the best coaching / Tuition classes.  The classes will be taken by our well skilled educated teachers.  Timings may vary – from afternoon till evening. Age – 3 to 18 years

Phonics & Story Telling Class

Age Group: 3 to 9 Years

Phonics Class Duration – 30 mins (2 days a week)

Storytelling Class Duration – 40 mins (2 days a week)

Phonics Class

We mentor your child to read and write accurately. Phonics classes are a great way of helping kids in reading, writing, and spelling with phonic sounds. These make the English language easy for them by allowing them to connect sounds and letters.

  1. 42 sounds
  2. Vowel & Constant introduction
  3. Basic Grammar
  4. Diagraphs and Diphthongs
  5. Spelling Rules
  6. Reading and Pronunciation
  7. And many more…

Story Telling Class

Story Telling Class

These Classes are for children between the age group 3 to 9 years. Aim at taking them on an imaginative tour with the educational twist where they enjoy the beauty of the play of words with storytelling and story building.

  1. Building Interaction
  2. Improving Vocabulary
  3. Better Pronunciation
  4. Participation and Keenness
  5. Effective Listening
  6. Creative Thinking and Imagination

Zumba Class


Age –5 years above

Duration – 1 hour

Class- 2 days a week (8  Sessions)

Fitness Programs – Zumba, Bhangra, Bollywood.

 Join Zumba fun classes at our school. Pretty much the most awesome workout ever. Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it.  Every class you will feel like party! So come and dance!


English Language Class

Age: 3 years above

Duration: 30 mins

Join our Spoken English Classes.

English is an important media of communication these days. We are usually good in our relationships and jobs, however fall behind in expressing our self to achieve that extra mile. To help you, we are offering an online course of Spoken English. Our method is talk and talk to learn English by simply speaking it out.

Drawing & Painting

Age –4years above

Duration: 1 hour

From pencil holding to perfection.

Creative Class – 3 days a week  and 5 days a week

Classes for every age to bring out their hidden talent n love for art. And a great place to invest your free time in a valuable work. Join and enhance your creative talent. No experience is needed to start painting with us in our Basics class. All you need is a desire to draw & paint.

  1. Basic Pencil Drawing
  2. Pencil Shading
  3. Oil Pastel
  4. Water Colour
  5. Poster Colour
  6. Painting – Different mediums
  7. And many more…

Dance and Music Class

Age: 3 years and above

Duration: 1 hour

Class – 2 days a week (8 Sessions a month)

Certified and well trained teacher .

Fun, easy, high energy Bollywood ,  Jazz , Kathak & Bhangra Dance Class