Theater and Stage
A permanent stage has been created for the child to showcase his talents and build his confidence in public speaking, music, dramatics and other creative endeavors.

Dedicated Studio Hall
Air-conditioned studio with child-friendly materials such as PVC floor and wooden paneling.
Full size mirrors for dance classes
Skilled and qualified dance& Music teacher

The PlayCare
A fully Air Conditioned day care for children with working parents.
Timings from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm with educated day care in-charges and support staff.

CCTV in all classes, Hall, Playarea (Indoor & Outdoor). 24×7 security detail outside the school.

We provide pickup and drop off right at your doorstep for added safety. Some of the features of our vans are:
Teacher on duty for every van from first till last stop (to-and-fro)
Air conditioned vans
First Aid Box available at all times