How Art is Important for Child?

With world becoming more of a tech space where theoretical knowledge has taken a back seat and artistic skills rules the education system, it’s highly important to integrate art education in every school’s core classroom curriculum. One can’t deny the fact that children learn a lot more from graphic sources than written words.  Arts include all those activities (Drama, music, fine arts, etc.) that instills creativity and boost critical thinking of a child. Art also help kids develop on many fundamental levels.

Art is introducing children to a new way of seeing. Concepts/theories become interesting and easy to understand when they are taught through the arts as it allows kids to express themselves better than any other knowledge session. Music, dance, painting and drama make literature/history come alive and more likely to be recognized by children for a long period. Art education also creates a fun and positive culture in schools.

Art education teach them to make choices and decisions based on their visual learning. When kids get a chance to step outside their comfort zone and start doing things by their own, it surely builds their confidence. The arts provide a platform for children to demonstrate their skills and abilities.

Arts groom a child’s motor skills as it makes kids indulge in various activities like painting, playing an instrument, scribbling with a crayon, learning to dance or act etc.

Exposing children to art is a great way to help them understand varied cultures of our diverse society.  It also encourages them to embrace the changes/differences they see around them. And also provides endless opportunities to learn new words hence helps in language development of a child.

Any form of art lets the imagination of the child fly, which helps them smarter, stronger and confident.