How Parents are Important in Child’s Life?

Parents are guiding angels in disguise. Be it being your child’s studies or exam, first friend, first or last day at school, first crush or breakup, or for that matter ragging or bullying; you should be the first one to talk by your child.

For fact, you are mentally, biologically connected to your children so; it becomes easier for you and your child to understand each other than any other person. So here’s how your involvement in your child’s life counts.

PATH OF RIGHT CHOICE: – So if kids had known the difference between right and wrong, why would we call them kids? You are your child’s guiding Hero/Shero. A parent is a human being who has double the experience of human life and all of us are familiar with the fact that,” Experience is the best teacher. “So, use it to resolve your child’s problem in the best possible way from early childhood.

 SMART USE OF MONEY: – you may be a rich parent but developing the habit of smart shopping and saving is beneficial for you as well as your child. Teach your child that quality does not depend on price. Curtail the supply of money to your kids until they learn to manage money. Down the line, it can surely do wonders for your next generation. Polish your child with colors of smartness and honesty by paying your as much as you can involvement.

PASS ON TRADITIONS: – No outsider will take the pain to feed in the ethical moral values in your child but, you. Each family has something unique to itself, today’s competitive life and smart career development, parents are losing grip on family values but unless we pass on the values, ancestral home traditions to our kids they’ll never know it existed. It’s the family values that bind all the members to be one.

SHOW YOUR LOVE: –The major reason of children running away from their families is the feeling of being neglected. Now, as far as loving is concerned, kids are simple at heart, love and materialism must not be mistaken as one. They always need emotional parental touch no matter how old they grow. So take out time for your kids and help them build a good human being. Your support and words of encouragements will help them conquer any problem in their life.

BUILD TRUST– Gradually making time and showing love to your kids will help in building trust. This trust will make them always feel that you have your back for them no matter what. Also by knowing your trust for them will help them have sense of self-confidence automatically. The word “Parents” itself defines unconditional love, moral, financial support and most importantly an indescribable understanding. A child raised up without enough parental involvement often ends up being a sadist, a depressed, stubborn and a neglected human being. Don’t make your child one of them.

As the saying -“Guardian angel, for heaven so bright, watching besides me to lead me aright. Beautiful angel, my guardian so mild. Tenderly guide me for I am thy child.”