Is your child taking Online Classes?

Moving to online teaching due to the Corona-virus has been a sudden and unexpected challenge for students and teachers but I am seeing preschools step up to the plate. No challenge, even Corona-virus, is going to stand in the way of teachers doing what they can to support their little angels.

Many of the preschools / playschools have been teaching their students through an online portal of some sort. In that case, if your child is spending time in an online class with his or her teacher, here are a few tips to help your child get the most out of their online learning experience.

1. Set up your laptop / phone or computer so your child can see the screen easily and can remain his hands free to draw or participate in an action oriented activity.
2. Choose a room where your child will be able to hear and turn off any back ground noise like Television, music etc.
3. Try to face the child towards the source of light so that teacher can better see and talk to the child.
4. Plan to stay with your child so that you can encourage your child to participate in the session.
5. Even parents should listen to the session so that you can talk about it with your child after the lesson / Class is over.
6. Use any content teacher provides, for extending learning at home.
7. Try and focus rest of the day on real life learning through play and exploration.

Young Children learn faster through real life, hands-on experiences!

Our Petals Preschool & Day-care genuinely want to keep the connection going even if it means doing it online. And please be patient when the technology isn’t cooperating. Teaching and learning online presents new challenges but with everyone jumping in and doing their part, it can be a very rewarding experience.