Seed – PlayGroup

Age Group: 1.5 years to 2 years
Duration: 3 hours
Adult/Child ratio: 1: 8

Children love exploring the world around them. Their hemisphere needs to expand from their home to an atmosphere where they get to mingle with children of their own age. Maximum brain development happens at this age. The initiation of the child from home to school is through the playgroup.This program is an activity-based, hands-on learning that includes dance, yoga, stories, art, sand play, water play, music and much more. Through these activities child develop skills like social/emotional skills, motor skills, musical skills, language skills and communication skills.

A day at Pre Play School

Greeting Time

Pre Play  Facilitator stands with puppet in hand to welcome our little Kids at the gate. Each Kid is welcomed with a smile to make them feel connected and special. Kids choose the way to enter the classroom through high five, dance, hug, shake hands etc. This creates fun in the class.

Circle Time

Our Kids start their day with circle time to develop social interaction and positive relationships among peer group. It improvises listening skills, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Circle Time motivates Kids to attend school daily. During circle time, our Kids do meditation activity along with tongue twister and concept clearance.

Concept Time

Pre Play follow a theme-based program throughout the year. Every month there is one theme undertaken around which our curriculum revolves. Our Kids comprehend learning through the concepts.

Rhyme Time

At Pre Play, rhymes are done with music and dance to enhance musical skills. Kids enjoy this session with their facilitators, props and peer group.

Montessori Time/Reading Time

During this time our Kids are divided into groups. Some groups are involved with Learning Equipment’s and other groups are immersed with books in the library area. Kids are allowed to pick up learning equipment/book of their own choice while facilitator moves individually to each child and put up thought provoking questions to raise curiosity and inquisitiveness towards learning.

Activity Time

Kids are involved in an activity which can be individual or in group. The activity is related to the theme of the month and each Kid is encouraged to perform the activity independently.

Worksheet Time

In PrePlay-  Playgroup program, every week a worksheet is done by our Kids. Worksheet encourages thinking skills and focus retention of our Kids.

Outdoor Play

Sports is a focus area when it comes to physical development of the Kids and we ensure they simply enjoy their kicks, punches, races and swings. Natural growth occurs best when children have lots of fun. And, all that fun happens in our most colourful play area, park and garden. This way we also enhance the gross motor skills of the Petalians.

Recapitulation Time

This is the time to revise the concept done on that day. Our Facilitators put up questions based on what is been done throughout the day. They are praised and appreciated in the form of stars and smileys that keeps them motivated and happy.

Dispersal Time

Kids hang their bags, clean their faces and use the washroom before leaving for the day. They wave good bye to their friends and facilitators with the promise to meet the next day.