What is an Online or Virtual Class?

An online class, also referred to as a web-based or web-delivered course, is a class taught through the Internet. Online classes are a form of distance learning, in that distance is no longer a factor and the teacher and the student needn’t be at the same location for the class to take place. Both the teacher and children would need just the Internet and their respective laptops, tablets or even smartphones to be able to meet in an online/ virtual classroom.

In a matter of a few months, corona-virus (COVID-19) has changed how kids are being educated around the world. Some of these changes have changed the way the education sector functions, exploring innovative teaching-learning methodology outside a classroom setup.

E-Learning, Online Learning or Virtual learning is one of the most sought after ways by leading institutions across the globe to impart learning, while kids stay indoors- safe and secure. However, this 21st-century concept of studying from home and attending online classes from home is both fascinating and intriguing for millennial parents.

Like Petals Preschool Sector 51 Noida– many other preschools & day-cares have taken a great initiative to engage kids while they are at home using online classes. Lots of fun-filled & learning activities for kids not only to keep them engaged but also focus on the overall development of the child.