What is Virtual Classroom?

The Advancements in technology has changed the way of education in a revolutionary way, today education is not limited to books and small classrooms where only a small bunch of present students can get the information or lessons. With the popularity of internet in today’s young generation, classrooms has expanded its area, where now students don’t need to be present in the confinements of a room to attend the class and learning management system. This new way of education is globally known as “Virtual Schools or Online Preschool Programs”.

During this Corona pandemic Most of the School have started Online Programs for the kids. Virtual Classes are one hot trend in education, covering whole range of education right from preschools to high schools and higher education, where students and working people are coping up with their pursuit of education and fulfilling their life with the only virtue of life via virtual classroom.

The structure of an online classroom varies. But generally, online students regularly log in to a learning management system, or a virtual classroom where they can view the syllabus and grades; contact professors, classmates and support services; access course materials; and monitor their progress on lessons.