Why your child should go to Preschool?

School promotes Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional development.

Toddlers learn through their experiences, and good teachers make time for those moments by teaching children to manage all their emotions.  Teacher are well trained for their learning and growth and help them out when to let children work out their problems and when to intervene.


In a good preschool program, children are introduced to the behaviors required to function successfully according to their classroom. For example, during group activities such as “circle time,” children learn to focus attention on the teacher, listen while others are speaking, and wait for their turn to talk.

Develops Independent Thinking

Children have several choices of activities; a child who is wandering is encouraged to choose one that interests him. Teachers help a child who can’t figure out how to play with other children and may offer him suggestions on ways to join the group.

Prepares Children for Elementary School

Preschool provides a foundation for learning both socially and academically that will help your child succeed in elementary school. Children are prepared for the interactions and boost their confidence levels.

Promotes Communication and Cognitive Skills

Language skills preschool children are nurtured in a well – language environment. Between the ages of 3 to 5, a child’s vocabulary grows from 800 to 3000 words, and their sentences become longer and more complex. Children have many opportunities to sing, talk and act.

Nurture Child’s Curiosity

Young children have good imagination and learn through make-believe play. The ideal play area in a high-quality preschool is well-stocked with costumes or props. It’s often in this activity area that small-age children progress steadily from solitary play to one-on-one play, to complicated group play.

Develops Motor Skills

Physical coordination improves, allowing the child to explore the environment and to challenge themselves in new ways. High-quality preschool programs provide several opportunities daily for children to run, climb, and play active games. Activities are offered to help children develop excellent motor skills, such as threading beads or cutting with scissors. And children are challenged through a variety of activities to build their motors skills like hand-Eye coordination and balance.

Boosts Numeracy and Literacy Skills

Young children show great interest in pre-math and pre-literacy skills. To sustain children’s excitement and motivation for learning, high-quality preschool and child care programs introduce early literacy and math skills with the activities that are interesting and meaningful to children.

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